Bits & Pieces: Books as Art

Posted by on February 26, 2012





Books make me happy. I could never live in a place without books. All I need is a bed, maybe a radio and my books.






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4 Responses to Bits & Pieces: Books as Art

  1. Rebekah

    I think some of my favorite photos I copy from the internet are interior design photos of libraries – not just glorious mansion spreads, but how people categorize the books in their home into organized beauty. One photo that comes to mind is a bookcase that is organized by color of book jacket. My books are organized by subject type and then filed by author, but then I’m rather structured myself – and my brother’s a librarian, so it runs in the family! Anyhow, I say spend money on as many books as you can!

  2. Stephanie

    When I see a lot of books, it tells me a little about the owners of them. I find it so interesting to see the variety people choose and wonder which ones are their favorites.

  3. Kristi

    Joelle, I remember saying that to my husband many years ago. We were housesitting and I told him, “this place makes me uncomfortable … I don’t see a single book in the entire house!”

  4. Joelle Charbonneau

    Funny, but John Connolly mentioned that books are art for the home. They say something about the person who owns and displays them. He also said he didn’t trust people who didn’t have books in their house because that said something, too!