Sanctuary City Mysteries


COMING in February 2019

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An ancient evil has surfaced and it’s up to one woman to stop it.

From Agatha, Anthony, Barry & Macavity finalist …

When Maggie Bychowski is first hired as a police officer in Sanctuary City, the small northern California town seems to live up to its bucolic name. But Maggie soon finds her job in jeopardy because in this town the thin blue line is as crooked as a drunk walking heel-to-toe.

Meanwhile, another threat is seeping into town. Shadowman, an online fantasy character, lures local girls into doing his bidding with enticing stories of life in his luxurious mansion.

When a shocking crime strikes the town and Maggie suspects that all is not as it appears, the powers that be mobilize to protect their own. But Maggie is determined to uncover the truth, no matter how ugly—or difficult to believe—it may be.