Day 9 – Fully Exposed

Posted by on April 9, 2014
Nothing to do with anything in my post  - cool photo shoot with my honey

Nothing to do with anything in my post – cool photo shoot with my honey

Today I worked on revisions for Blessed are the Meek (due the end of this month) and reviewed copyedits for Blessed are the Dead (due next week). And wrote an essay by accident.

Last week my publicist asked for some essay ideas for a San Francisco publication (my mystery series is set there). I shot her two essays, but realized when I was ranting about the copyediting I was doing all day, that it might make a good essay. (If you follow me on Twitter @KristiBelcamino, you might have heard me lamenting the fact that it was only when my novel was copyedited that I realized I don’t know a comma from a hole in the ground. Luckily, several other former journalists piped in to say that this is common coming from a journalism background. In addition, another writer mentioned how different publishing houses have different views on comma use, as well. Whew.)

So I quickly wrote up my rant and sent it to my publicist and editor to submit to the San Francisco publication.

Also, earlier in the day, spring is here, so I went for a walk. I made my walk center around getting lunch, which is always a great motivation.

I walked to buy grocery-store sushi — hasn’t made me sick yet (making sign of cross) and then ran to pick up a few things at Target.

Then back home to review copyedits for the rest of my workday.

Despite my rant, the copyeditor caught a few things that I’m truly grateful for, including a timeline discrepancy, and I learned a bit about a few different words. For instance, I didn’t know douche bag was two words! Or wineglass one!

When you work on copyedits your task it to accept or reject the changes he or she made. I accepted 99.99999 percent. I think I rejected maybe three things, including he or she trying to make superrelaxed one word (I’m not buying that one.)

I saved the timeline issue to tackle today, but was able to get through the rest of the copyedits and when I got to the end and found this little personal message from the copyeditor, it made all my earlier angst worth it:

“WOW!!! Quite a way to end a really good story. BRAVA!!! “

So, there’s that.

STAY TUNED for tomorrow and don’t forget to see how Matthew Clemens, my partner in this project, did daily on his goals here and on his Facebook page.

Today’s Stats:

Writing: 2,500 words or three hours of revision
Walking: 1 mile

Writing: 3.5 hours of revision
Walking: 1 mile



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