Fully Exposed – Day 11

Posted by on April 11, 2014



I’ve been going full steam on revisions for Blessed are the Meek and copyedits for Blessed are the Dead this week. And guess what … this morning I burned out. Crashed and burned.

I had a small headache, which, at first, I had hoped appeared in lieu of my monthly migraine that takes me out at the knees for a day or two each month. I popped some Advil and instead of butt in chair from 9 to 12, took off for the local coffee shop, where I sat outside with my latte and Moleskine and brainstormed about an article I’m writing for Crimespree Magazine.

Every once in a while if I’m stuck in my writing or starting a new book or in that saggy middle of a book, I’ll do this, with a stack of index cards at my side instead of my journal.

I sat outside and scratched out a rough draft essay idea and then headed home because I couldn’t deny it anymore – headache had struck and I needed migraine meds asap.

I took my meds at home and  headed to Uptown to get a cinnamon roll* and visit Once Upon A Crime. (You see I have this contest idea and it involves a giveaway and one of the prizes will be a book from everyone who gives me a blurb – so far that is Owen Laukkanen and David Corbett, but I have a few more people who are looking at my novel to give a possible blurb so I was optimistic and bought their books for the giveaway.)

Then I was off to visit my writer friend who just had a baby! Yay for babies. And instead of a baby gift I brought her a humongous cinnamon bun * and one of my favorite Minnesota-based books, “Peace like a river.”

Then I came home and was fuzzy-headed migraine woman for the rest of the night. Not my most productive day.

STAY TUNED for tomorrow and don’t forget to see how Matthew Clemens, my partner in this project, did daily on his goals here on his website and here on Facebook.

Today’s Stats:

Writing: 2,500 words or three hours of revision
Walking: 1 mile

Writing: .5 hours of writing
Walking: .5 miles


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