Fully Exposed – Day 15

Posted by on April 15, 2014

photoYikes! Looked at my google calendar and I have a little more than two weeks until revisions on Blessed are the Meek are due. Butt in chair.

Today, I printed out all 300-some pages (Picture: there she is in all her glory — she’s a hefty one!) and sat down with a clipboard and pen to do a final read through and revision on the manuscript.

I did not walk.
I did not write.

Matthew hinted (okay, well flat out said this in so many words) but we feel like we are boring ourselves and others to tears with this project. Snore. But we will continue on. But the posts might get shorter as we go.

Please don’t forget to check out Matthew’s journey on Fully Exposed here and on his Facebook page here.

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