Fully Exposed – Day 16

Posted by on April 16, 2014

coffee shop pic

With the return of winter temperatures, my motivation to get outside and walk has flown the coop.

Instead, today I spent the morning at a downtown coffee shop with a giant latte and my 300-page novel. I read and revised for about four hours before hunger drove me home.

(The picture above is almost the same one as yesterday – same novel, different locale.)

The afternoon was spent working on Sunday’s blog post for Do Some Damage and arranging to look at houses. (We rent and our lease is up soon. Boo.)

Today, I’m going to talk a bit about how I am able to spend 6 hours a day doing writing, or devoted to writerly things.

The short answer is that it is all because of my husband and his belief in me. He bears the brunt of the financial load because he believes in me and my writing (and let’s be honest – he dreams of the day way, way down the road, when my writing supports us and he can retire and play music all day). Which is fine by me because the way I’ve planned it, I’ll keep writing until my dying day. It’s my passion. But here is how it is possible for me to have this tremendous gift of time.

A few years back, when both kids began school, we talked about it being time for me to find a job outside the home again. But before that happened, I picked up enough freelance writing work to justify staying home. I could make my own schedule, which involved being home when the kids were home, and actually was making more money than any part-time job I could get. But then that freelance work dried up. I applied for a lot of jobs and then got a job doing part-time cops for the daily newspaper. Perfect. But still only part-time, so I’m not exactly raking in the money. And as for my books, well, time will tell, but very, very few authors are able to make a living solely from the royalties of their books.

But we keep a low nut. We don’t have debt. We own our vehicles. We rent. We live simply. Which brings me back to how I’m able to dedicate so much time to my writing. Because I’m damn lucky. And grateful. I work well alone, independently and am extremely self-motivated. And stubborn. I work hard at this because I would feel too guilty squandering this gift of time I’ve been given. I know I’ve got it made. I never forget that for a second. I have the upmost admiration for my writing friends who work 40+ hours a week, have a family to raise, and crank out the books.

If an opportunity for full-time work comes up, I’ll be in the same boat. Part of being grateful means I would never sit around all day and read a book. I take my job as a writer very, very seriously. I’m very fortunate to have this time to write and devote to writerly activities and have I mentioned I don’t take a second of it for granted?

So, there is my confession for the week.

Goals: 3 hours revision or three hours writing, one-mile walk
Results: 4 hours revision, no walk

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