Fully Exposed – Day 17

Posted by on April 17, 2014


After (10 min. later)

After (10 min. later)

Okay. Actually the pictures should be before, nine minutes later, and then ten minutes later there should be an empty glass.

I can’t wait for next week because Easter will be over and the jelly beans will have disappeared off store shelves!

I’ve shared my weakness with my friends Dan and Kate Malmon and this is what they put on Twitter:


kate malmons danmalmon

So, today I ate a LOT of jelly beans.

In addition, I tackled revisions on Blessed are the Meek for a good five hours and then worked on finessing my Do Some Damage post.

A HUGE highlight of my day was seeing one of my articles in Crimespree Magazine.

I feel like a struggling musician who has read Rolling Stone Magazine for years, keeping track of all her favorite musicians and then wakes up one day to find  herself in the magazine. Yeah. Like that.

Tried to keep my spirits up even though IT SNOWED. Someone on Twitter, said it best:

I feel like winter and I have been in a fight for 6 months and we both know I won but she keeps barging back in screaming AND ANOTHER THING.

What Katie said. (Of course I followed her after I saw this retweet.)

So, that was my day!

Please be sure to check in with my partner on this project, Matthew Clemens here and here.

Goals: Revise three hours, walk one mile
Results: Revise five hours, walk o miles

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