Fully Exposed – Day 18

Posted by on April 18, 2014

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Derailed right off the bat today. (I seem to have a day like this at least once a week.)
I screwed around on social media past my start time (9 a.m.) which sucked because I had a 10 a.m. meeting to look at houses. (did I mention I have to move. yuck.)

I did a few hours work on revisions for Blessed are the Meek. At this point, I’m going through the hard copies I printed out and revising based on what I found in reading it in print. It’s amazing how things LEAP out at you once you look at your words in a different format.

I’m on a pretty tight deadline, but if I have time I’m going to do that writerly trick of printing it out in very small type and then highlighting different threads to see if I’m giving enough attention to threads in the right areas. Has anyone else used this revisions method before?

How do you revise?

I ended my day earlier than usual so I could spend some extra time with my husband.

I hope to get more done tomorrow.

Pretty routine, uneventful day!

Wish I had something exciting to talk about.

While I love, love, love revisions, I’m, also, really looking forward to writing again. When I started this project I thought it would be about writing my YA mystery and finishing it, but it was completely thrown aside for more timely projects. I’m learning that this is the life of a debut writer. I’ll take it. No complaints.

Goal and results. Made my three hours of revision, but o walking. (waiting for the snow to melt again so I can get outside more and walk and ride my pink bike.)

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