Fully Exposed – Day 19

Posted by on April 19, 2014


Picture: In honor of a night out rollerskating, here is a (my favorite ) picture I took of some cool roller derby chicks, including my dear sister-in-law.

Today was a little goofy. My whole family was home so I spent time hanging with the kids and husband. Meanwhile, I squeezed in about three hours of revision for Blessed are the Meek in between family time, errands, laundry, etc.

I’ve managed to do all my revisions on BAM except one semi-crucial issue I need to address. I think I can finish that in a day or two and turn my manuscript back to my editor earlier than the May 1 deadline. I’m excited to have her re-read the final version. In addition, I can’t wait to start work again — writing — on my young adult mystery.

I’m relieved I got some work done today because I know I won’t even have a chance to glance at BAM again until Monday morning.

I’m already thinking about book three in the Gabriella Giovanni series. I hope and dream and pray enough people fall in love with her so that I’m able to continue writing the series!

As it is now, the first book comes out June 10th and if people love it, they only have to wait until July 8th for the second book’s release. Maybe I’m being ridiculously optimistic, but I’m so hoping that the pressure will be on for me to write the third book — and more!

Also, got an email from my editor with the cover and back of book copy for Blessed are the Meek! So exciting to see it coming together. Can’t wait to see the cover — probably a draft some time next week it sounds like.

I actually had an opportunity to walk today and passed it up in the hopes of getting more done around the house. Next week I think all of this will change. I plan on walking every single day, barring a snowstorm. Wish me luck.

I called it an early day and took four girls rollerskating!

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