Fully Exposed – Day 21

Posted by on April 21, 2014


I had the best weekend. Spent with my family, who are my everything.

Nothing yesterday except Mass and Easter dinner with our family, which involved about thirty people.

It was an amazing 75 degrees out. My family in California texted me that it was 76 there. Usually they text me to tell me it is 100 degrees warmer there (During the winter if it is -30 here and 70 there, that’s a true story!)

We spent the day outside, shooting off bottle rockets (I have no idea how this tradition started with my inlaws, but all the little kids love it)

I told my Minnesota family — this THIS warm weather is a California Easter.

Check in with my partner on this project, www.matthewclemens.com to see how he is doing or on his Facebook page.

*Just a fun picture. My friends live in a place overlooking the Mississippi River. They have a great view of the river and all of downtown Minneapolis. We spent the Target Aquatennial celebration at their pad. Way better than any fourth of July fireworks. Target (based here of course) does the best blowout ever. Amazing fireworks. It felt like we could reach out and touch the fireworks.


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