Fully Exposed – Day 23

Posted by on April 23, 2014

angel upclose2Dealing with day two of a migraine, so I don’t quite feel up to snuff, but the pressure is on.

In a conversation with my editor today, I told her I’d give her the final version of Blessed are the Meek by Thursday night. With that deadline in mind, I am cranking through revisions.

I’m reading the hard copy (print out) and that gives me some flexibility. I hauled it with me to some appointments and to a coffee shop this morning.

Took a nice walk with my husband during lunch and then back at it.

I feel so lucky to have such a good editor who makes my work so much better and pushes me to do so.

The team at HarperCollins has been outstanding, exceeding my expectations.

It seems like nearly every day lately, I turn around and find something cool that their publicity team has done to spread the word about my books. On some days, it is a blogger on twitter reaching out to tell me they are talking about my book and looking forward to reading and reviewing it. I am so grateful for this kick butt promotion machine.

Because as thrilling as being an upcoming debut author is, it is also terrifying. It’s the make it or break it phase of my writing career. I don’t know for sure, but I’ve heard if sales of your first book are grim, you will have a heck of a time ever selling another book. This scares the daylights out of me. Because really all I want is to be able to keep writing books that people want to buy and read.

I am not aiming for independently wealthy here — I’m much too practical to dream of that. I’m aiming for a career—the ability to continue writing for the rest of my life.

This is the dirty little secret of the publishing world:

I have a friend who wrote two books I love. But the sales were poor. Now, her agent is struggling to sell three other books she has written but her books keep getting turned down because of her prior sales record.

This happens, folks. Scary, I know.

And the writers who get the six-figure advances have the most to be worried about. They have to earn out that advance and more to impress publishers.

A wise writer friend, (who has won pretty much every mystery award that exists) told me that this is my advantage — expectations are low, so maybe with a little luck (and help from my friends!) I can exceed expectations and have a good start on a lifetime of writing. So that is what I’m clinging to right now.

And everyone who has pre-ordered my books — well all of you are the ones who are helping me on this journey to creating a career in writing. So thank you!.

Please be sure to check out my partner in this project’s posts on Fully Exposed: www.matthewclemens.com. Matthew has been doing this a long time. He is the expert. He has so much wisdom to share about the writing life. You can also find him on Facebook here:

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