Fully Exposed – Day 24

Posted by on April 24, 2014



A rainy day here, but I holed up by a fireplace at one of my favorite cafes and drank my latte, ate hash browns* and finished reading/revising Blessed are the Meek. (You can see my hefty manuscript under my plate of hashbrowns above.)

Today I skipped the walk, Rain and 70 is doable. Rain and 40s, no way.

At night, I put in another few hours on BAM so I’ll be able to meet my deadline and turn in revised version to my editor on Thursday (tomorrow).

I also put together a little button (see Ciao Bella! to the right) for people to sign up for my monthly newsletter. Anyone who signs up will get a sneak peek at the prologue and first two chapters of Blessed are the Meek from my publisher.

In addition, I hope to have special features available through the newsletter, including contests, excerpts, and essays.

I hope you sign up! If you don’t love it, you can always unsubscribe. I went with a system that has a double opt-in to make sure everyone who gets my newsletter really wants to see it in their inbox every month. And it should go without saying but I will say it, I would NEVER share your email addresses with anyone else.

I put one of these pictures on Facebook last night — but here is what revising looks like:

three hours revision, one mile walking
seven hours revision, 0 miles walking

Check out my partner in crime on this project www.matthewclemens.com and on his Facebook page.

*Kate Malmon started a twitter thread about hashbrowns, making us all salivate for them for the past week. Finally, today, I got mine!

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