Fully Exposed – Day 3

Posted by on April 3, 2014

158494820860468This morning was pure chaos in my attempt to be sitting here ready to write and revise at 9 a.m.

All because I had to wash my hair today. And because I washed my hair I had to blow it dry, which is right up there as one of the most inane and boring activities on the planet. Snore.

Today I’m starting my day at the coffee shop. I like to change it up every once in a while. (Why? You ask. Well, you saw a picture of my work space yesterday!)

Studies have shown that white noise helps creativity.

But I have a confession to make — the real reason I ventured away from my house today is because I wanted to wear my new boots. Yep. This is called Fully Exposed, right? You get the bad, the good, the ugly and the vain Kristi right here every day for the month of April.

I got these cute boots last weekend and haven’t had a chance to wear them even though I did work one day at the newspaper.

I wish I was like Lyndee Walker’s character, Nichelle Clarke, who wears sparkly blue Louboutin’s working the crime beat or my own crime reporter character, Gabriella Giovanni, who wears cute strappy sandals.

Me? No way. I soon learned as a crime reporter to wear shoes I could run in or stand in all day.

So here I sit at the coffee shop with my latte, dry hair, and cute boots.

Today I’m going to tackle the next level of line edits. These are the ones that require more thought than the fast fixes I did all day yesterday.

Because of this, I’ve already rethought my five-hour revising/editing goal. I’ll see how I do today before I make a decision on this. I don’t waiver on my writing goals — at least 1,000 a day no matter what — but revisions are a different story.

As I mentioned in my first Fully Exposed post, based on Carolyn See’s book, Making a Literary Life, that 1,000 word goal transfers into two hours of revision. But I’m going to push that to three or four, maybe some days five.

Today, I was grooving along really well doing revisions when a good friend stopped at my table at the coffee shop. We’ve been friends for 20 years, which is crazy to even think about, and I haven’t seen him for maybe six months, so of course, I was happy to set aside work to catch up.

Then back at it — until hunger drove me home.

I ate lunch and walked three-miles. It felt wonderful, but toward the end I was huffing and puffing.

Back at home, I wrote the first draft of a post for the lovely Dru at Dru’s Musings that will run in June.

After that I brainstormed what to write for my post Sunday on Do Some Damage. I came up with a few ideas, but they still need some work. Will devote the entire afternoon tomorrow to the Do Some Damage post.

PLUS, I still need to submit some article ideas to my publicist by next week for the magazine she was talking about.

But it is now 3:30 p.m. My work day is over. Time for my Mamma Italiana duties and my sluttish housewifery.*

*Despite the provocative name, sluttish housewifery does not involve being a slut or being promiscuous. It means lazy. I cribbed the phrase from my friend Kristin Boldon — who borrowed it from Bridget Jones.

Today by the numbers:

Goals: 5 hours revision and 1-mile walk

Results: 3 hours revision and 3-mile walk.

STAY TUNED for tomorrow and don’t forget to see how Matthew Clemens, my partner in this project, did daily on his goals here on his website and here on Facebook.

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3 Responses to Fully Exposed – Day 3

  1. Kristi

    No, Dru, thank you for asking me to guest post!

  2. Dru

    Looks like you’re on a roll. Glad to know you’re thinking about the guest post on my blog. Thanks!

  3. Matthew Clemens

    And the picture of the boots is where, exactly? I mean…really. We want boots.