Fully Exposed – Day 4

Posted by on April 4, 2014


I got sucked into a vicious spiral of designing and revising Facebook cover pages on Thursday morning. Lots of fun, but a total time suck.

If you want an entire morning swept away, this is the website that sucked me in — here you go: It’s addicting and awesome and I love it.

Finally at 9, I had to employ my secret weapon, Mac Freedom, which turns off my online access. I programmed it for 90 minutes. That’s usually about the longest I can go without resorting to grabbing my phone and hopping online that way.

Made it! Got my three hours of revising and editing in. At this point, I’m 100 percent back in Gabriella Giovanni’s world again, even though I first wrote the novel (Blessed are the Meek) a year ago. I’m living it now and feel more confident in my revisions and even more excited about how my editor’s suggestions are making this story come to life.

My editor said she thinks this second book might even be better than my first and that is the biggest compliment I could have received. My goal is to become a better writer with every book I put out.

After my three hours of immersing myself in Giovanni’s world, I surface for air and go forage for lunch, run errands, and try to stay warm on this wet rainy day. Errands take longer than I like, but I’m still spending under an hour for lunch-time activities, so that’s good.

I’m back at the computer, polishing a post for Dru’s Musings and taking a look at my Do Some Damage post. Darn you, Joelle Charbonneau, for being such a tough act to follow. : )

Even though as a newspaper reporter, I’m used to pounding out as many as four newspaper articles a day, I’m sweating over a tiny blog post. Ack! The pressure. Oh well, I’ll put something I like together and hope everyone else likes it, as well.

And then, at night on my way to pick up Juicy Lucy’s from Matt’s for my writer’s group meeting, the day gets even better with a phone call from one of the Dignitaries of the Mystery Writing Community — seriously, a true king, talking to me about my work. I just about lost my mind with happiness.

And then — my writing group, where they critiqued my young adult mystery. I wasn’t sure about writing YA, but my group loved it. In fact, one member said he thought it was the best writing I’d ever submitted to them, so that made me super happy and motivated to finish it after I get all my edits done for Blessed are the Meek.

STAY TUNED for tomorrow and don’t forget to see how Matthew Clemens, my partner in this project, did daily on his goals here on his website and here on Facebook.

Today’s Stats:
Writing – 5 hours revising
Walking – 1 mile
Writing – 3 hours revising
Walking – 0*

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One Response to Fully Exposed – Day 4

  1. Matthew Clemens

    Phone call from someone big? Very cool. Very frickin’ cool.