Fully Exposed – Day 5

Posted by on April 5, 2014


I ventured through the snowstorm out to the office today (local coffee shop) and met up with some writer friends.

Before I realized it, I’d been revising and editing for four hours and was about to faint from hunger, so back to home base for some food!

I’m stoked that I got so much done on Blessed are the Meek, but also feel a little tapped out creatively and I’ve got stuff to do. My walk will not happen because the crap all over the sidewalks (snow) is up to my knees and I don’t have the energy to plod through it. No thank you.

So the walking goal will be a big FAIL today. Again.

This afternoon, I’m going to work on the list of articles I am now writing for magazines, book reviews, blogs and websites in promo sorts of ways. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be doing this. Again, I’m astonished to be in this position, where people actually want to promote me and my book.

I will never take this for granted. It is the best thing ever and something I feel like I’ve been working years and years to have happen. I’m going to remember to appreciate this whole debut author process.

But mostly I thank my lucky stars I wrote a mystery.

I am still astounded by how supportive, encouraging and just plain kick ass this mystery writing community is. The support has gone beyond all my dreams. And I truly feel like I have a whole new world of friendship opened up to me — this mystery community welcoming me with open arms.

It’s wonderful and strange at the same time. Strange because for so long, we as writers do it in isolated settings. We write our books alone for months, sometimes years, and then bam — one day, an entire universe unfolds before you.

I am so grateful for this. For the friendships I’m making more than anything.

So, I’ll sign off today, feeling blessed.

STAY TUNED for tomorrow and don’t forget to see how Matthew Clemens, my partner in this project, did daily on his goals here on his website and here on Facebook.

Today’s Stats:

Writing – 5 hours revising
Walking – 1 mile

Writing – 4 hours revising
Walking – O

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