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An Experiment by
Kristi Belcamino and Matthew Clemens

This was Kristi’s idea, and it started out pretty simple.

“We should trade word counts every day,” she said. That was how this began, then it grew. More than just a tool to hold ourselves accountable for meeting our word count every day, the plan has morphed into what I have taken to thinking of as thirty day job shadow.

Although everyone is welcome, unpublished writers are sort of our target audience here. No matter where I speak, this question always comes up, “What’s your work day like?”

For the month of April, Kristi and I will be showing you exactly what it’s like to live the writer’s life. Every day, we will each post our word count, how we’ve spent the day, what we have and have not accomplished, and generally just giving you an inside look at the lives of two professional writers.

Kristi’s first novel, BLESSED ARE THE DEAD, will be published June 10th and my twenty-second collaboration with Max Allan Collins, SUPREME JUSTICE hits the streets July 1. Other than both having books coming out this summer, we’re at different places in our lives and careers. She, for instance, has a family and a part-time job. I have a wife, two cats, and a very small office where I spend a good portion of my day.

So, come along, join in the conversation, maybe we’ll all learn something, have a little fun, and find our way through the first reality writing series.

We’ll have more about our goals and what we hope to accomplish with this project on Monday and then we pull the trigger Tuesday, letting you all know what went down on Monday, which will kick off our 30 days of FULLY EXPOSED.

You can find out more about Kristi at www.kristibelcamino.com and more about Matthew at www.matthewclemens.com.

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