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I love meeting with book clubs, either in the Minneapolis area, or by Skype or phone. Please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at so we can set something up.

My love for book clubs – I’ve been in several over the years and always was thrilled when an author took the time to talk to us and so I promised that one day when I had a published book I would be that accessible and open to all my readers, but particularly to those in book clubs.

I also want this page RIGHT HERE to be a forum for book club pictures. I’ll never forget how excited I was when Adriana Trigiani posted our book club (all of us holding up her latest book) on her website. Just now I went and found it, three years later.


Even if you don’t want a visit or call, if you’re in a book club and read my book — digitally or in trade paperback — please email me a photo of your book club with your book (or holding up kindles) : ) so I can post it on my website.



St. Paul Book Club

Hunton Book Club

This was a fun one. I skyped in from the newsroom at the Pioneer Press, which was appropriate since they read my first book in the Gabriella Giovanni series, Blessed are the Dead, which was set in a newsroom!

 (Hunton Book Club – Julie, Heidi, Kris, Tara, Cheri, Susan, Gillian, & Jen –Left to Right).

St. Luke’s Book Club

This St. Paul book club was awesome. The host, Mary, even had Tiramisu and Cannoli for dessert in honor of Gabriella Giovanni. Visiting and talking to readers like these are what keeps me writing through the slump times when I doubt myself.


Charlie’s Angels

This Apple Valley, MN book club was a delight. They had insightful, probing questions and were so curious about writing and my books. And they gave me a gift. So sweet!


Diane’s Book Club

Wonderful book club meeting on Skype in Graeagle, California


Bookclub Babes

These women have been meeting for about 12 years in Rosemount, Minnesota.
I had so much fun hanging out with them on my Paperback Book Birthday!
Bookclub Babes


Me and Sandy Murphy – woman with strong NE Minneapolis roots and member of the Bookclub Babes who found me on Amazon.

Ladies of Linden Street book club

Seriously good times with this book club. They’ve been meeting for years in gorgeous Stillwater.


Had a blast with these super sharp, fun women!



These women are close to my heart — my famiglia!




This group of awesome ladies didn’t have an official name so I dub them the “first and best book club” because they were the first ones to invite me to visit them! They were super cool, had amazing food, and were great to talk to and meet! Thank you so much!!!

The First (And Best because they were the first) Bookclub!



The First and Best Book Club!


Look at this spread! Yum!

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