Weekend Inspirations: My week













My week consisted of: unearthing my summer sundresses to wear poolside with a big straw hat as I edit and review manuscripts from writer friends. Stocking up on sunscreen, fresh herbs and new thick, black pens. Nursing a child with a high-fever in the middle of the night. Finishing the first draft of BLESSED ARE THE MEEK, my second novel in my mystery series featuring San Francisco Bay Area crime reporter Gabriella Giovanni. Attending the baptism of our family’s newest member. Taking the kids to the Stone Arch Bridge to watch a surreal, somber funeral/Mardi Gras-style mini parade with gymnastics and people on stilts with the Northern Spark festival and light show in the background. Wearing my Jack Rogers sandals and loving my Longchamp Le Pliage, which totes manuscripts, moleskins, sunscreen, and even more pens. Watching the last two episodes of “Downton Abbey Season 2” and crying a bit at the end. Spending family movie night eating pizza and popcorn and laughing with my kids and husband at Dana Carvey’s hilarious acting in “The Master of Disguise.” Reading Bryan Gruley’s STARVATION LAKE for myself and reading A WRINKLE IN TIME (again), this time to my kids at bedtime.