The Writing Life

Posted by on July 8, 2011

Who else but a bunch of writers would take a midnight flashlight field trip to explore a secret cemetery?

They don’t flinch over the pasta sauce when you mention murder, fairies, or high-speed police chases.

They like to eat, drink, laugh and talk about things more substantial than shopping or working out.

My kind of peeps.

Love hanging with other writers. So much fun.

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5 Responses to The Writing Life

  1. Kristi

    Lynn, he wrote about it on facebook. He had a blast! You’re the best. Thanks again!

  2. Lynn

    How did Owens ride a long go?

  3. Susan Oloier

    That is awesome!

  4. Jana

    Sorry I missed the fun!

  5. Sarah

    It’s soooo true! Love hanging out with other writers as well, be it in person or on the Web.