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Posted by on July 16, 2012

Fixings for 3 Lbs Pasta and Kids Making Sign for Dad


The Perfect Summer Weekend


This past weekend was spent the way I dream every summer weekend should be spent: hosting get togethers at our place, eating good food with good friends and family.

My honey is blessed with the voice of an angel and this weekend had a chance to audition for The Voice. Because of some connections from a friend, he was able to avoid the cattle call and was ushered in as soon as he arrived.

He was cut.

On the bright side, the casting director actually looked up from her laptop when my honey sang and watched his entire audition. The rest of the singers in his group (9) apparently didn’t even warrant a glance. She kept her eyes glued to the computer and acted as if she would rather have pencils shoved in her ears than listen to them sing.

She did scold my husband for picking the two most popular audition songs: An Adele song and Etta James “At Last.” She asked him what else he had and he sang “Only You” by The Platters.

In his defense, those two popular songs really showcase his range and his voice. In fact, he has been flown to weddings across the country to sing his rendition of At Last. And his Adele song — well he KILLS it as you can tell even from this terrible video:

Anyway, because we lived in LA for years and know how fickle Hollywood is (I worked at EMI Records and Rolling Stone Magazine) we knew it was a crapshoot, but decided to have a party no matter what happened at the audition.

So Saturday night was spent with our gigantic family spilling out of our tiny house and into our back yard as we ate and ate and ate and the kids watched movies inside and tried to beat the heat with a small window air conditioner that a dear friend loaned to us when our central air broke on the fourth of July.

I was so crazy busy I didn’t take one picture of the madness and now am wishing I had. Oh well. I’m sure we’ll have another party soon. Our immediate family and a few close friends meant about 30 people at our tiny house. Fun times.


Hot wings, Shrimp, Potatoes, Pineapple, Rose

Then, on Sunday, we had dinner guests again, some journalism friends who are moving across the country to Maine. We tried out a new recipe from my friend Jasen and — as with all the recipes he shares — we we’re not disappointed.

P.S. That is my super talented friend, Mark, who took the amazing photo of me above with the rainbow in the cemetery!

It's not a party until the guitars come out

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2 Responses to This Writer’s Life: Family & Friends

  1. Stephanie

    I love the feel of parties in a small place. It’s much more fun!

  2. Mary Strohmayer

    I hate it when I have to miss the fun!